Read what Some of our friends have to say about Keeva

So yummy!

I traveled to outer Richmond to give this place a try and oh boy! I am glad I did!

Had okra, eggplant sauce, naan and the tandoori chicken. Was so good! My date is a UK born Indian man who enjoyed the meal as much as I did.

I wish this place much success and am happy to see that good restaurants are now spreading all over the city!
— Anelya S.
Firstly, there are tandoori kebabs and a variety of naan bread. You name it. Then there’s an array of home-made desserts like rasmalai, gulab jamun and lassis.

But forget all of these for today, and head straight for eggplant salan with biryani made just the way nawabs of Lucknow would.

Trust me; it’s worth heading to inner Richmond district for some scrumptious Indian food that you are unlikely to get elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.
— Priyanka S.

We have so many truly delightful dishes to share. From the moment you walk into our restaurant, we hope that you and your loved ones will also experience the sense of community that is Keeva.

Keeva is a fusion of our love of food and our desire and passion to share it. As a owner and part of the wonderful team of chefs we are bringing our learning and experience from the cooking Masters while we were in India to your table, and we believe in doing the small things right and not compromising our process.

We pride ourselves on the rich history of our traditional cooking techniques and tempering it with something new and fresh. We hope that you see the beautiful in the combination of our ingredients that make up our dishes and also our sense of community and family. Please come and join us, you are welcome.